WebShop Management Solution
Three customizable packages available for you
Setting up, helping with navigation, layout, organizing and customizing your store.
In our seminar, designed to teach you to make needed adjustments on the fly, we will teach you to add, change, adjust and categorize your products.
Developing a tailor made online marketing campaign for your store. Managing your budget and adjusting it so you get the most traffic out of your investment. Plus coordinating with your additional Social Media activities, to increase your online visibility.
One convenient monthly fee, no hidden cost. Services are all included and designed to help you running a successful online store.

You consider building a web-shop and need an experienced partner on your site?

We are confident to be the right and valuable partner for you. Our WebShop Management Solution provides the perfect tools for you to get started.

Included in this package are key elements such as support to build the shop, training you and your staff to make adjustments, kick start your shop with Online Marketing and Online Advertisement Strategies, Manage your Online Advertisement Budget, providing frequent reports and much more.

All our packages have the development time, training, support and additional services calculated for a fixed period of time. Our Trailblazer package (starting at $1,200) comes with a 12 month support, our Pioneer package (starting at $1,000) will include 24 month and our Visionary package (starting at $900) includes 36 month of support.

Each package will come with additional perks.


  • Trailblazer
  • starting at $1,200
  • monthly
  • This package is ideal to get things setup, get a nice initial boost and consider managing the shop yourself after 12 month of service. In addition, during the service agreement period of the Trailblazer, we offer any additional service you need for a 10% discount. Regardless if it is a video ad, social media support or developing an online database system.
  • Pioneer
  • starting at $1,000
  • monthly
  • An ideal package for those who like to have a bit more support. This package is not only giving you the boost to get things of the ground, but also helps you to compare the initial year with your future for the shop. If you are interested in this package, we offer for the duration of the 24 month a 15% discount to all online marketing related services.
  • Best Value
  • Visionary
  • starting at $900
  • monthly
  • This package is ideal for everyone who want to build an online shop, but need a strong partner when it comes to web related task. The 36 month package comes with the additional perk that you will receive a 20% discount to every additional service you need to become a successful online store owner.

Your success is our reward.

Increasing the online visibility of your business is our goal. We aim to build long lasting relationships and want to become a trusted partner on your site.

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